Sonntag, 23. Oktober 2016

Coinomia Cloudmining - Interesting Cloudmining & MLM Combination

Coinomia is a brand new cloud mining service uing solar power to offer cheap cloudmining services for Ethereum and Bitcoin (More currencies will follow soon) to affordable prices! It's a never heard before concept where user's have the potential to be crypto currency miners and earn daily bitcoins , etherium's and other alt coins on complete autopilot...while they are able to share this oppertnity with their friends and contacts in order to earn some nice extra recurring income!

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Why Coinomia is the perfect MLM Oppertunity?

Cloudmining and crypto currencies are hot these days. in the case you don´t know much about cloud mining, watch tis video for the most important informations about it :


Its the perfect network marketing oppertunity as nobody needs to build a team to make money with cloudmining, so there are a lot less people leaving your downline without success! Even if you or someone in your dowline doesn´t refers one member, there are still ongoing payments they get from Coinomia!

There are 100s of cryptocurrencies already established, so even if Bitcoin mining ends somewhen, there will be enough other coins to mine for a livetime! Think about what daily BTC payments send to your wallet could mean for your lifestyle? Start your cloudmining earnings and join my Coinomia Team today!

Why You should be a part of my Team?

As its a network marketing oppertuity, with a binary payment plan, its a good idea to join my Coinomia Marketing Team in order to enjoy the following benefits :

  1. Benefit from my Spillover and earn referal commissions even without a sigle direct reeral!
  2. Get custom made marketing material to promote Coinomia!
  3. I´m working online for 10 Years now, feel free to ask me ANY question related to marketing if you are a member of my team!
  4. More marketing tools and services will follow for my team members!

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Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016

Hashocean & Topmine - Finally out of Business?

Hashocean, one of the most profitable cloudmining services out there is down since 2-3 Days! Even if the first news about it are speaking about a hack, its pretty sure that Hashocean and Topmine leaved the business scamming approx. 800k Users!

So even if there are many voices stating that Hashocean will come back online there are some facts telling us the opposite on the other hand. IF you check their youtube channel or Facebook Fanpage you will see both are completely removed! Their Twitter account is also inactive since a few weeks! All three channels would normally be used to tell their customers about hacking or technical problems, so closing them can just be a sign that they won´t come back online!

One strange thing is a new domain with the same script and database (I was able to log into my account, but after log in i got a 403 error message).

I will post a update here if I get any new information about Hashocean or as soon as I can access them again!

I´ve invested approx. 550 USD into Hashocean, luckily as Bitcoin where much cheaper and some time ago, so I overall don´t made a big loss!

IS Cloudmining A Complete Scam Business Model?

If you think about CLDmine and now Topmine and Hashocean, it seems all Cloudmining Services are here to scam their customers, but is it true? As the Cloudmining business model can work, I don´t think all cloud mining services are scam. The Upcomming Bitcoin Halving process may be a reason why so many services are leaving right now, the strong bitcoin price may be another one! Investing into cloudmining is risky, that is what we can learn from this scenario. I recommend to follow these tips if you want to invest into cloudmining :

1. Avoid completely Free Services (For investments, you can let them run for free of course)
2. Split your investment - Invest only the amount you can afford to lose!
3. Invest once in the beginning and wait till its paid back! Now you can choose to reinvest a part or your entire earnings!
4. Do not trust to high daily profits / time till the return of your investment!
5. Research before!

It seems that there are many companies using Cloudmining as cover for their ponzi sheme, only a few are really mining!

After doing some more research I hope to be able to come up with some "Real" Cloud mining services! Genesis Mining is the only one cloudmining services with some real proof for their mining centers, and also ahve a much slower ROI and are taking fees for their electricity, so Genesis Mining  and Hashflare at least seems to be a  real cloud mining business!

Cloudmining Managed by a Smart Contract - A Better Option?

Since the etherum blockchain is live, so called Smart Contracts are avaiable. Smart Contracts are software programs running on the ethereum blockchain, this makes them transparent for others and they can manage all kinds of assets like wallets, exchanges or what ever can be accessed online (I´m not a pro here, ust to give you a idea what they can do). What would be if Cloudmining (Or evena Ponzi sheme) woule be completely managed by a Ethereum/DAO Based Smart Contract? This would offer at least a few advantages (There may be a way arond them as well) :

- No Running Away as nobody has access to the "business wallet" except the smart contract!
- Automatic payments as its managed and executed by the blockchain on a regular basis.
- No business management to be paid!
- Absolutly transparent if the source code is viewable!

Here are some problems that may still be faced : 

- No smart Contract can controll real world hardware! If real mining software is used and bought from the customers investments, threre is no way for the smart contract to ensure they are set up the right way. So in fact a scammer would still be able to run away with the hardware.

SO you see, A smart contract / DAO based cloud mining service would solve a few problems, but the main problem almost persists, at least as long as there is hardware managed by the creators! If the smart Contract based cloud mining service would rent mining power at Nicehash for example, directly managed by the smart contract, it really could be a scam free cloud mining service from the ground up! Anyway, decentraliced, blockchain managed mining power wuld be needed to make it perfect!

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Avalon Life - Dao Based Cloud Mining is Comming soon!

Avalon Life is maybe the first smart ontract managed cloud mining service! Not sure how the mining power is generated, where the mining centers are lokated and so on. Avalon life will go life in approx. 30 Days from now, as long as they are in prelaunch you can sign up for free by clicking here! (Atention: This is no recommendation - its to early to see if its a good idea, and there will always be a remaining risk involved if you invest in any cloud minign service!)

Samstag, 18. Juni 2016

Avalon Life - Much more Than Just Cloud Mining

Welcome here to my Avalon Life review/blogpost! Avalon Life is in prelaunch (Aprox. 40 days till launch from now!) but here are the information I can reaveal by now about this service!Watch this video first :

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Avalon Life - First Business of its kind?

One thing is for sure, Avalon life will change the cloudmining business as it offers a completely DAO
based cloudmining solution. This means nobody has the ability to delay payouts, take money to run away ow what ever! In fact, the business is run by a smart contract, not by humans!

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Beside Cloud mining several currencies Avalon Life offers some more interesting services for crypto enthusiasts:

1. In house trading exchange for crypto currencies
2. Solar power based cloud mining!
3. Discounts on Pc and Mining Hardware
4. Buy annonymous Bitcoins
5. the Avalon Life DAO pays out 100% to its members
6. there is NO company involved
7. cheapest cryptocurrency mining opportunity ever, because of the use of solar energy
8. runs autonimously and anonimously on the ETHEREUM BLOCKCHAIN
9. No complaince = no stress
10. No Borders. We can “be” around the Globe.
11. Be paid what you deserve. Nobody can kick you out.
12. No “Crossline Sponsoring Problem”..because every DAO get his ETHER Adress ONE TIME – you can even have multiple accounts with multiple sponsors
14. Set UP ALL you need in the AVALON LIVE SMART CONTRACT. YOU are 100% in control

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As member, you will also get access to trade recommendations so you can sell your mined currencies for the best price possible!

Sure, its to early to say much about AvalonLife, but its for sure an interesting project for those interested in cryptocurrencies, cloud mining and the blockchain technology! Its one of the first businesses using the blockchain/ethereum/smart contract technology to run an entire business!

Ensure to join the prelaunch phase to learn more about this unique cloud mining service and to be one of the first trying out this new business model!

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Ensure to watch this video to learn more about Avalon Life :  

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Freitag, 3. Juni 2016

5000 Adz Contest Winners Announced

The 5000 Adzcoin Giveaway has ended 06.01.2016. Here are the lucky winners :

1. geni****
2. ad***
3. va***
4. miro***
5. boud*****
6. yan******
7. suh*****
8. repi*****
9. bte****
10. bato*****
11. igorek******
12. ples*****
13. duli****
14. yayu*****
15. bostj*****
16. gep****
17. tea****
18. minda****
19. cbea*****
20. regie*****

All Winner will be informed by email in the next few hours!

In order to claim your price, follow these simple steps (If you havn´t already) :

1. Create a Free Adzbuzz Account by Clicking Here! This is the social network with the integrated Adzcoin Web Wallet! (If you have already a Adzbuzz Account, just skip this step and head over to step 2)

2. Click on the little arrow beside your name to open the account menu, and click on "MyAdzcoin"

3. Copy the Wallet ID (Looks like a BTC Wallet Address)

4. Reply to my Email and send me the following infos: 
     1. Your Adzbuzz Username
     2.  Your Wallet Address
     3. Send these infos from the same email address you have used to join the contest!
     4. Your price will be paid in the next 48 hours or less!

Thanks for taking part in this giveaway!

Montag, 16. Mai 2016

10.000 Adzcoin Giveaway - Join now and win up to 5000 Adzcoin worth 150 USD!

Before I tell you how to join my contest for a chance to win 5000 Adzcoin, let me tell you a bit more about the cryptocurrency Adzcoin first!

Almost all altcoins are dying fast after their release as result of a lack of infrastructure. Why should someone buy or stock a currency that can´t be used for anything for example!

Click here to read more about the purpose of Adzcoin and the existing Infrastructure!
The recently released ADZcoin is definitely an exception because the creators come up with a supporting infrastructure first before the Adzcoin release! This includes a growing Social Network called Startpeeps, a Browser Extention to help users save whenever they purchase products online, Adzcoin Marketplace and much more!

The Adzcoin Value is fluctuating between 0.03 - 0.15 Cents per Adzcoin, so 1000 Adz equals at least 30USD at the moment (Click here for the Actual Exchangerate)! If you take a look at the upcoming developments its not hard to guess that Adzcoin will increase in value massively in the next 3 Month!

Beside mining Adzcoin and buying it on Exchanges is it possible to earn Adzcoin just for beeing active at Startpeeps or using the Adzcoin Browser Extention!

Another, One-Time Oppertunity is to join my Adzcoin Contest for the chance to win up to 5000 Adzcoin!

Just click here and fill out the form to join! Ensure to invite your friends and family to increase your chances massively! Overall there are almost 10.000 Adzcoin to win :

1. Price : 5000 Adzcoin
2. Price :  2000 Adzcoin
3. Price :  750 Adzcoin
4. Price :  500 Adzcoin
5 - 10. Price :  200 Adzcoin
11 - 20. Price :  75 Adzcoin

The contest runs till 06.01.2016! Ensure to respect the contest rules!

You will get one entry for signing up, and an extra entry for every referred lead, so ensure to follow the tips below for the best chances to win!

Share your Tracking link on your social network profiles!
Add your Tracking Link to your Forum Signature lines!
Post a forum entry about the contest on Crypto-currency, Online Business or Make Money Forums!
Write a Blog Entry about the Contest and the Adzcoin-concept
Create a Youtube Video about the contest

Attention: Do not Spam or make false claims!

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Freitag, 6. Mai 2016

Win A Free Adzcoin VIP Membership and Earn daily Adz for Life!

Wish to have easy residual income for a lifetime without even lifting a finger or investing a single dime?

Well…Read on to discover a once in a lifetime oppertunity!

You may have learned about Bitcoin millionaires who suddenly found themselves drowning in dollars simply because these were lucky enough to invest in Bitcoins early enough to make a insane profit.

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Today, I´ll show you another promising currency you need to know about!

Almost all altcoins are dying fast after their release as result  of a lack of infrastructure. Why should someone buy or stock a currency that can´t be used for anything for example!
Click here to read more about the purpose of Adzcoin and the existing Infrastructure!

The recently released ADZcoin
is definitely an exception because the creators come up with a supporting infrastructure first before the Adzcoin release!

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As Adzcoin VIP, you will get paid daily shares in Adzcoin, you referal link at Startpeeps will be promoted on autpopilot, and much more - Ensure to join the Contest to discover more about Adzcoin!

Sure, this is not directly related to cloudmining, but the endresults are almost the same (Onetime Payment and get Paid for a lifetime)!

Dienstag, 26. April 2016

Bitsrapid - Just Another Scam

Bitsrapid has left the scene just a few days after Hashocean! Read more about Cloud Mining Scams in this article!

Here are a few tips to detect scams in this business :

1. Don´t trust to good return of investment promises! (Example, compare Genesis Mining with Hashocean ROI, and you know what i mean)
2. Check their business entry and postal address!
3. Where are their miningcenters located?

There are only two services looking real to me at this moment,  Genesis mining and Hashflare! Anyway, I won´t invest anything at this time till the BTC Block Halving is done!