Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016

Honest Cloudmining Services - How to find them?

Hashocean, one of the most profitable cloudmining services out there is down since 2-3 Days! Even if the first news about it are speaking about a hack, its pretty sure that Hashocean and Topmine leaved the business scamming approx. 800k Users!

So even if there are many voices stating that Hashocean will come back online there are some facts telling us the opposite on the other hand. IF you check their youtube channel or Facebook Fanpage you will see both are completely removed! Their Twitter account is also inactive since a few weeks! All three channels would normally be used to tell their customers about hacking or technical problems, so closing them can just be a sign that they won´t come back online!

One strange thing is a new domain with the same script and database (I was able to log into my account, but after log in i got a 403 error message).

I will post a update here if I get any new information about Hashocean or as soon as I can access them again!

I´ve invested approx. 550 USD into Hashocean, luckily as Bitcoin where much cheaper and some time ago, so I overall don´t made a big loss!

IS Cloudmining A Complete Scam Business Model?

If you think about CLDmine and now Topmine and Hashocean, it seems all Cloudmining Services are here to scam their customers, but is it true? As the Cloudmining business model can work, I don´t think all cloud mining services are scam. The Upcomming Bitcoin Halving process may be a reason why so many services are leaving right now, the strong bitcoin price may be another one! Investing into cloudmining is risky, that is what we can learn from this scenario. I recommend to follow these tips if you want to invest into cloudmining :

1. Avoid completely Free Services (For investments, you can let them run for free of course)
2. Split your investment - Invest only the amount you can afford to lose!
3. Invest once in the beginning and wait till its paid back! Now you can choose to reinvest a part or your entire earnings!
4. Do not trust to high daily profits / time till the return of your investment!
5. Research before!

It seems that there are many companies using Cloudmining as cover for their ponzi sheme, only a few are really mining!

After doing some more research I hope to be able to come up with some "Real" Cloud mining services! Genesis Mining is the only one cloudmining services with some real proof for their mining centers, and also have a much slower ROI and are taking fees for their electricity, so Genesis Mining  and Hashflare at least seems to be a  real cloud mining business!

Hashflare vs. Genesis Mining

I prefer Hashflare for some reasons, but have invested into Genesis Mining too (To spread my investment). Hashflare offers cheaper plans and a better ROI, they also offer Script, Dash, Ethereum and ZEC mining plans!Anyway, the Sha56 plan seems to be the best if you take a look at tthe Return of Investment!

Hashflare is located in England, this means they can be reached by eu law (most likely), they are also very transparent with their datacenters and mining activity!

Genesis Mining also discontinued one of my contracts after some time, telling me it woulnt be profitable anymore! Hashflare is still profitabe so it seems that Genesis Mining is not honest or is using older hardware! Another reason to choose Hashflare!

I ve overall purchased 0,66 T-hash Sha 256 Mining power, Ive paid approx. 70 - 80 USD completely. You see I m earning approx. 45 cents per day, this means : 80 USD / .45 USD = 178 Days till i got back my investment - all afterwards is pure profit!

Dienstag, 26. April 2016

Bitsrapid - Just Another Scam

Bitsrapid has left the scene just a few days after Hashocean! Read more about Cloud Mining Scams in this article!

Here are a few tips to detect scams in this business :

1. Don´t trust to good return of investment promises! (Example, compare Genesis Mining with Hashocean ROI, and you know what i mean)
2. Check their business entry and postal address!
3. Where are their miningcenters located?

There are only two services looking real to me at this moment,  Genesis mining and Hashflare! Anyway, I won´t invest anything at this time till the BTC Block Halving is done!

Montag, 11. April 2016

[New Algo] Espers [ESP] - Amazing New Features - Launching Soon!

It has nothing to do with cloudmining by now, but it may change the crypto world at least a bit! Beside the known blockchain features the new algo Espers uses offers quite some amazing new features you really should know about!

Some of the new and unique features the new algorithm HMQ1725 offers  :

  • Secure Emailing System
  • Proof-of-Reliability
  • Chain-to-Chain Interfacing
  • Unique Blockchain Migration
  • Manageable Sidechains
  • Voting
  • Web on Blockchain (Site hosting on the Chain)
  • Lite-Chain
  • Unique Auto-Generated Config
  • Auto-Updating
  • ... and much, much more
I will post more information about this new coin as soon as I get them, ensure to follow this tread inside the Bitcoin Garden Forum to get the latest news about this currency ... Just Click Here to learn more!

Mittwoch, 23. März 2016

Genesis Cloudmining Review

Genesis Cloudmining Mining service is a new and exciting Sha256, X11 and Etherium cloudmining provider which has been operating for a bit two years. The company behind this service is registered in Bermuda. Genesis Mining has attended some cryptocurrencies and bitcoins related conferences either as speakers or sponsors and are also actively developing their service. Genesis also offers
Etherium Cloudmining Service.

This cloud mining is one of the first in the Bitcoin market. Genesis is a reliable partner and has a client base of over 100,000 people. The company also actively cooperates with the biggest supplier of equipment for cryptocurrency mining, Zeus. Users need not worry about the stability of its farms. 

Genesis Cloudmining Sha256 Based Coins 

Genesis Mining offers users the ability to mine Bitcoin and Sha256 based crypto currencies in their sha256 mining plan. There is a payment option in Bitcoins and the service automatically mines the most profitable coins for users and exchanges them for BTC. Users receive earnings on a daily basis sent directly to their wallets, and this is an advantage over some other services which do not have daily payments.

Genesis Cloudmining X11 and Etherium (1 Year Contract)

Genesis mining also offers X11 and etherium cloud mining contracts for 1 year each with a much faster return of investment! Therefor is the sha256 contract not limited and will generate earnings as long as the service is profitable!

Another great thing is the absence of hidden fees to pay such as hardware maintenance which may be taken as a percentage of user’s and electricity bills (Except Sha256 contracts). All users pay a fixed price for the hashrate and the payment currently accepted are USD, Euro, as well as Bitcoinrent or Litecoin.

Presently, Genesis mining offers two types of packages, Lifetime contracts, and Annual contracts. The first provides a minimum purchase of is 0.05 TH/s, which costs 22.49 dollars. Essentially, a user is buying a piece of equipment in a remote data center and paying a daily fee of small value for maintenance.

The annual contracts transaction is for only one year and is quite attractive as an investment. In this type, users pick a piece of equipment and rent but do not pay service fees of any kind. Users make a profit at a faster rate.

Users can pay via Bank Wire, Credit Card, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dash, and Dogecoin

Click here to Sign up to Genesis Minging and Use the Discount Code : im6S91  For a 3% Discount on Your Purchase!

Genesis Mining Advantages

• No hidden fees like a percentage for maintenance.
• Daily payments
• Stable payments
• Quick support service
• Credible farm for mining

Genesis Mining Disadvantages

• Its service has the most costly fees in the industry.
• No exchange for the sale of the hashrates.

Genesis Mining Conclusion

This Genesis mining review has shown how profitable genesis cloudmining can be whether the annual of lifetime contract is purchased. Acquiring the lifetime contract, gives a reliable annual income of about 60%, although this percentage much depends on the cost of the cryptocurrency and the different complexity of the mining so it may vary up or down. The same situation occurs with the annual contracts and the amount of profit is dependent on the rate of the Bitcoin. The cost of the Bitcoin is steadily increasing and the earnings on the contacts regularly increase as well.

The genesis cloudmining is great for users as it does not have hidden charges for maintenance. However, it can be quite costly to join. 

Montag, 21. März 2016

Hashflare Cloudmining Review

Hashcoins initially offered hosted mining contracts, but toward the end of the year 2014, HashCoins launched HashFlare, which became their cloud mining service. HashFlare cloud mining service provides cloud mining for both altcoins and Bitcoins based on the script and sha256 algo (Etherium is comming soon).

This article is a Hashflare mining review and will highlight the advantages of this cloudmining services and its disadvantages. Hashflare is located in England and offers BTC, Scrypt, Eth, and Dash cloudmining at this moment! Beside the Genesis Mining company, its the only one Im using right now and the only one I will invest in in the future!

Click here to sign up to Hashflare and Save 10% on your First Order! 

Hashflare might have one of the more expensive cloud mining contracts in the industry, but they offer some interesting unique features no other service offers to its clients and hashflare is one of the  most transparent cloud mining services I came accros by now!

The system also has a solid mining interface. They do not offer so many features like some other cloud mining services, but they can be ranked in the top 1/3rd of cloudmining companies in terms of usability. Also, withdrawing payments is easy, with a two-factor authentication email which is sent before payment is sent. The user dashboard shows a series of graphs which show earnings, balance over time, revenue per day, and mining pool allocation. 

It is all nicely arranged and graphically intuitive. HashFlare’s added a mining pool allocation section which is good as many cloud mining companies do not offer a selectable mining pool or force users to select a single pool. Hashflare does not offer any sort of discount, and this can be a bit discouraging. However, their relatively low maintenance fees make their cloud mining contracts easily afforble.

Click here to sign up to Hashflare and Save 10% on your First Order! 

Payments to users are made on time, and the revenue is always as calculated after all deductions for maintenance and taken. Funds can be withdrawn from Hashflare to Bitcoin wallet in as little as 15 minutes.

HashFlare also offers a 10% referral bonus which is most likely the highest referral rates in the industry from any cloud mining company. They do not offer any signup bonus like most cloudmining companies, but they offer specials from subsequently after the signup. Overall, HashFlare receives a pass mark for their generous referral bonus.


• The choice of pools for the mining
• The availability of the data centers with equipment
• Stable charges and payments
• 10% referral bonus
• Quick support
• Extremely low maintenance fees
• Selectable mining pool
• Nice dashboard
• Only approx. 200 Days till ROI!


• Expensive contracts

Hashflare cloud mining service have prices which may be very competitive as others, but they have an edge as they offer the lowest maintenance fees in the industry, and also, a substantial referral bonus. If you to invest in cloud mining, and you want to experience the lowest maintenance rates in the business and excellent interface for easy use of the system. Even though the contracts can be quite expensive, they make up for it by offering low maintenance rates to users.